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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 1, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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broken by congress is going to turn around because of it. >> that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. be sure to start your day with ainsley at fox and friends happy new year. god bless america. >> very special o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> you don't want me to leave. you want this date to go on forever. >> how does actor kelsie grammar handle hollywood? >> i have lively speculation over certain conversations. >> the democrats have gone further left and the democrats have gone to where the democrats were 40 years ago. we have selected interviews it
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is hollywood and the factor together. that is not a complement it is the truth. and it all starts right now. >> caution you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> thank you for watching the factor goes hollywood special. >> but do you get heat when you go back because you are a republican and a conservative
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guy? i have lively speculations. i are read some things. there are friends of abe. people know i'm a member of that group. >> but nothing personal to you. >> i would have loved to have been on the set with you ted danson and woody harrelson. you can't get more left wing than those guys. >> it is not like i'm stupid is it? my god what am i doing here? i'm going to look like an i'd yacht. >> ratsinberger used to be on the other side. >> did you talk politics back in the day? >> once in a while. i've always been a small
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government guy. i think the private sector and society can take care of itself better than the government can. did they get heated when you came on and said i like the c conservative guys. >> they would say maybe kelsie is going to run. somebody said i hope he does declare he that he is running because i'm going to contribute $1 million to run to defeat him. >> i'm always outnumbered. >> i want to get inside rachel we welsh's day. >> not so much. very small portions and food combines.
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there is the rachel you stays up and eats sloppily foods at night. i wake up at 5:00 in the morning and i have to be in my car by 6:00 and i do like to be awake when i'm driving. i go to a yoga class and i intermix it with weight training. >> do you work out every day? >> i work out when i am in training six days a week. i'm putting my best face forward. >> you are not the average 70-year-old. >> i'm rachel welsh, i'm paid to look good. >> do you watch the factor? >> i'm more on the conservative side yes. how did that happen? >> i think it was my up bringing
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to tell you the truth. mid western values. i was raised in a certain way. ladies behave a certain way. your country is important. honor those who fight for our country. i did go to vietnam with bob hope while he was still alive and i had a great great experience that really changed my life. when you look into the faces of those young soldiers and you see that they are really really young and they are there because somebody said go out and fight for their country and you never forget it. >> you are on "cheers" with ted danson and rhea pearlman. >> there was never political discussion
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discussions on the set. we are being paid to crack jokes. >> hey, buddy. you all right? i thought cliff was going to buy me a beer. >> the closest we came i forget he might have been a guess star. why are you raising your kids within a religious framework. and i said you have to give children something to accept and embrace or reject. >> what did the person say to you? >> they said they are raisie ii their kids and they can decide when they are older. >> the civilization is based on the christian judeo ethic. >> you got to move out of hollywood there. >> i'm sorry. this is 0 oh in hollywood it is all about yourself you know that. >> sure sure. >> if we look at history our great country and freedom are
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unde attack. we are at a tipping point and quite possibly our country as we know it may be lost forever if we don't change the course as we know it. we either go one direction left, which would be socialism or right which would be people trying to make the money themselves. the democrats have gone gour th further left and the republicans have gone to where they were 40 years ago. >> they are affecting the small businesses in our country. when you see stores closed out of business because of what is going on, that tears my heart up. tax me, i don't care. i pay a great amount of tax which you go too. do you want to pay, 40 or 45%
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which is where they could take you. >> if it would help. but it would not help. the more money congress gets the more money they will spend. >> we give money to charities. people that we know -- good to see you again. >> comes up, cyber bullying. we talk to actor david ♪ [ male announr ] this is the story of the lile room over the pizza place at 315 cnut street. the modest first floor bedroom in talln, tonia and the dusty basement at 1406 35th street. it is the story of the old dining room table at 25th and hoffman avenue.
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celebrities fighting back against cyber bullies and online
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predators. he stopped by the no spin zone to talk about their efforts to combat the dangers on the net. this cyber bullies is real and causing kids to commit suicide. it is wreaking havo clc in scho across the country. 160,000 kids skip school because they are bullies. were you bullied as a kid because of your dad? >> not to the severity of the kids committing suicide. >> i'm trying to get at are xhi children meaner now than they were when you were growing up? kids were pretty me back then.
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i see that they can hide behind the internet. yes, it is making it so much worse. are these kids meaner today? >> they are have a different platform. there is a bunch of things going on with slut shaming with women online. with cameras you take a picture when you are 18 and it comes back at you when you are 30. >> what attracted you to the material? do you feel like this is an underreported crime? >> there has been a lot of publicity on this. >> i wanted to make the movie because i've been involved with
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the rape treatment center. and i met countless victims and i was moved by how this kind of trauma impacts the family. the fathers i spoke to talk about a rage. you don't have kids right? >> i'lm expecting. >> why did you want to go on the board with that? >> this issue has been directed towards women and where they can go for assistance as victims and there has been the gap in trying to get the message out to men. i was approached to try to get the message out. for personal reasons i have
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friends with victims and two former girlfriends. >> we did the jessica's law campaign here. did you when you made it big on friends, did you say to yourself i have an obligation now? >> 100%. that is the way that i was raised. i was approached by organizations and i took a step back and i thought all right i'm going to dedicate my resources and my commitment to one that mes the most to me. >> next up darell hanna wants you and me to go green. >> there are alcohol burners >> there are alcohol burners that can heat dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99%
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. actress daryl hannah activists. believes that fossil fuels actress darell hannah has become a environmental activist. she is also the producer of a new documentary which also attacks the fossil fuel industry. as you know, i'm a green guy. i am, i want a cleaner planet. >> that is the best news i've heard on tv. >> you should know i'm not a big fap of the oil companies. i have a nice house out in long
8:20 pm
island. beaver could live there. i got to heat it with oil. >> tell me what i should be heating it with. >> do you have any solar panels. there are many states that are participating in leasing programs and you show them what their electric bill is they charge you less than the bill and they put the panels on your home and you lease them. >> so the construction, look, they pay for the installation all you do is pay your monthly bill. >> you would recommend solar. that is one way. in long island or regionally it is different. if you decide that you want to use liquid fuel there are alcohol burners that can heat
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homes. alcohol. >> do i pour a six pack in there? >> almost. it is closer to old style -- >> do they come and put the alcohol thing in and give you booze with it? >> they advertise everything under the sun out there. solar panels i have seen. >> i haven't heard about anyone coming to your house with alcohol. liquid fuels we started making alcohol fuel back when we realized that it was too laborious to go to the coast to get a while to light lamp oil. so every guy and their toothless brother had a still in their yard and they used the rest as
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fuel. it is a combination there are a multitude of combinations. you are talking about the feed stock. i recommend using waste. you don't want to use something that is energy intensive. >> i flunked chemistry. i'm going to look into the solar panel thing. the lift time i did the cost was so prohibitive. >> look for a company that he leases the solar panels. >> now the car. i can't fit into the honda thing that has the plug. i'm not real good with machines. what do i do? >> find the most efficient car that you are comfortable with. >> i have that.
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>> it is a fuel injected car i assume? >> a post 80s car. >> you can use alcohol fuel. if it is not a diesel you can use alcohol fuel. >> mohammed the guy who runs the gas station doesn't have it. >> you live in a home and you have room for a gas station, you can fuel up at home. it is non toxic, and non flammable. >> you are going to come to my house and help me. >> if you will share that information with your viewers i will be happy to. >> you believe this is viable and we can get away from oil and gas? >> we don't have the will to do it. >> i think folks would do it if
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it was convenient and available. if i put a still in my house i would blow up and die. >> we have the tools available to make the shift available. >> i'm going to check it out. we appreciate you coming in. >> ahead an interview with >> ahead an interview with former mary tyler moore star my dad has aor afib.brillation, he has the most common kind...'s not caused by a heart valve problem. dad, it says your afib puts you at 5 times greater risk of a stroke. that's why i take my warfarin every day. but it looks like maybe we should ask your doctor about pradaxa. in a clinical trial, pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate)... ...was proven superior to warfarin at reducing the risk of stroke. and unlike warfarin, with no regular blood tests
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live from america's headquarters the white house urging congress to rush passage of extended jobless benefits. a million americans lost their average monthly stipend of $1100 after being dropped from a december budget deal. lawmakers
8:28 pm
objected to the yearly haul. rescuers looking for potential victims after a fire in minneapolis. 14 people were hurt. some injuries indicating they might have jumped or fallen. and james avery, for raying uncle phil in the fresh prince of bel air died following complications of open heart surgery. he was only 65 years old now back to o'reilly factor special. was probably started inside. now back to a special edition of "the o'reilly factor". actors make a living lae in us laugh. their lives their families. we begin with jim.
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so you have five kids in ten years. >> there might be more i haven't talked to my wife in an hour. >> after the third kid people stop congratulatiing you. they just treat you like you are amish. >> dads are the vispresident of the executive branch of the family. the mom is bill clinton feeling their pain and we are al gore telling them to turn off the lights. >> my mom has an open door policy. if they have a nightmare that are welcome to come in our room and pee in our bed. >> i thought we were slaves but he was second in command. >> my father was the commander of the ship. he was the king of the castle. but things have changed now that
8:30 pm
is for sure. things have changed. my dad brought home the bacon. i didn't shop more it. or cook it, he ate it which is understandable. it is not that my father in his generation didn't do anything he didn't feel guilty. >> i'm bringing the bacon home and the flank steak and the filet mignon and lobster. >> but you are righting books. >> what time is it? >> my book, "dad is fat". the title came from my 7-year-old son when he was five he wrote dad is fat. and then he showed it to me and i put him up for adoption. >> i wrote a column last week about my son's little league team because they were hot.
8:31 pm
they couldn't play it is hot. where is the air conditioning on the field. so it is a softer generation and their expectations of dad are not the same than they were. why do you think that parents these days put their kids on a pedestal and they are almost adoring of the child? again, post world war ii 50s and 60s, they were there to do a task and shut up and now i don't know what happened there. every generation we try and figure it out. we say the baby should sleep on its stomach and then no, on their back. i have to go one for five, bill. i have a lot of pancakes to ruin. >> babies are a lot of work. i do diapers i don't change them
8:32 pm
but i go you got to do this diaper. >> you live in new york city when you are not in vegas with c cher with five kids in a two bedroom. the good news is relive in a two bedroom apartment. i thought it through. >> it is not like we are setting a goal. my wife when ever she has her annual baby that steers her off a little bit. >> buy the book dad is fat so you can afford to live out in the suburbs where i am. >> maybe i can move in with you bill. i don't think that is going to happen but we can discuss it. >> we appreciate you talking to us. thank you for having me. >> appreciate it. ♪ you can turn the world on with her smile ♪ >> one of the things that
8:33 pm
surprised me is that you said you were a pain in the butt on the set that you were causing trouble. is that true? >> it would be cloris! what! >> i would be on the phone with 18 work men at home or my children or who ever. >> you are right is it an obscene call. it is rhoda. >> so you were late. you kept the cast waiting. i have been late all my life. and it is a terrible thing i'm not proud of it. >> phillis, this is a big night for you isn't it two ahas. >> you said you turned it a around. >> valerie. she was tenacious with her support of me.
8:34 pm
>> call her aunt phillis. what was she like on the set? >> she wasn't with us a lot. she had to do a lot to sell the show. a lot to interviews and other thimg. >> did you pick up those things for me while you were shopping. >> yeah, i did. here they are. >> when i was a kid young frankenstein it was a classic. >> in your book you explain why the horses whine. >> well, i didn't find out either until later. mel brooks i asked him why they whined.
8:35 pm
he said bluker in german means glue. he didn't tell anyone. >> bluker. >> he's a crazy guy. but you can't be crazy making a movie. very. >> we were completely focused you and victor were. >> yes, say it. my boyfriend. >> what was the most fun? >> i suppose the mel brooks flims. >> good night. >> good night. >> it is so funny to be here with you after seeing you all this time. >> that is not a complement it is just the truth. >> i'm sorry i took it as a complement. >> nice to see you. thank you for coming. i'm delighted to be on this show
8:36 pm
with you. >> good night. >> good-bye, rhoda. >> still to come, hide the kids. my pal jon stewart. things get wild. >> i'm appreciative of the fact that he has tried to re-engage the regulatory mechanism of the government. >> that is way over my head. >> that is way over my head. >> and you6 overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady.
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one of our favorite guests over the years has been jon stewart. we decided to put together some
8:40 pm
of the most entertaining stewart clips. i notice your audience love president obama they know they are going to get -- many have been heated. >> so it is perceived that you are a big fan. >> i'm torn. for me, i feel like i can't tell if he is a jedi master playing chess or if this is kicking his butt. for one thing those types of broad analysis how is he doing? it doesn't lend itself to a very easy answer. i think there are certain areas that he seems to have made progress or stabilize certain areas. i appreciate the fact that he has tried to re-engage the
8:41 pm
regulatory mechanism of the government. >> wow, that is way over my head what is that? >> and you are 6'5". >> that is like jumping out there. >> the side the idea that we had people checking if there were led lead in our toys. >> that is a pretty smart analysis. did your writers come up with that. >> no, they are in my pocket. >> they you deliver your stuff if you cyou cog any sapt onisan that they may be turni ining on? >> if it feels like a valid piece of absurdity, whatever you
8:42 pm
say, someone's is not going to like. >> it sounds like what you are saying and correct me if i'm wrong and i don't want to be wrong when i'm with you what you are saying is, if an artist supports someone that has been convicted of killing a cop they should not be allowed to go to the white house? >> no it is a little bit more than that. i'm saying that when a president invites someone the first lady invites someone the resume has to be put in front of them and they have to select people that are almost unimpeachable. this guy celebrated this cop killer and another one in philadelphia. >> again, he is not celebrating a cop killer, he is celebrating
8:43 pm
someone he thinks is unjustly. >> if i'm the president and i'm booking my own poetry slams, throw me out of office. >> you like sandra right? >> i know she is a punching bag for you. god forbid a woman come out and speak about an issue close her heart. >> and her hand in my wallet. >> i want to make sure that women are entitled to the same health care benefits that men should be entitled to. >> the men don't get that. >> catholic university -- >> no, it is georgetown. >> she wants everybody to get paid for. >> yes, we have to pick up dating now. >> do you understand the difference between the public
8:44 pm
and private institution? >> what did those nuns do to you? to make you so uncomfortable? >> we were the product of this program you know that? >> barack obama you have criticized the president you said he has let you down when he didn't do a far left thing. >> how far left am i? >> you don't know much about me do you and i don't want to. that is not nice >> look at you now. you don't want me to leave. you want this date to go on forever. >> okay. >> i feel like we should get together outside of this weirdly egg shaped table. >> right now grade president obama. >> i don't do that. >> the jon stewart scale of how much. >> you voted for him. >> has he met your expectations? >> no.
8:45 pm
>> but i don't know if my expectations were fair to that individual. >> i believe that we were at a more transformative time but i have come to expect a certain steadiness of his craft. more of a tip on the old president like a ledge laytive worker. more of someone who understands a beaurocratic method as opposed to someone that is more you notedy roosevelt type. >> is that true? >> i threw in a bunch of names. >> i thought he was more of a woodrow wilson. >> sai appreciate you coming in
8:46 pm
here. >> i'm a nice man to do this. >> i will always defend my positions i'm not i don't put this out there lightly. the thing i like about you is you take cheap shots all the time but you defend them. >> that is not the only thing you like about me. you are like the grinch right after they realized they don't need presents i'm like a shot of lev ittown like a b-12 shot in your butt. >> i think i'm going to commit suicide. >> next up. the popularity of the duck dynasty. >> what is that smell. >> you didn't just spray that on you? >> that would be well another great thing about all this walking i've been doing is
8:47 pm
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. duck dynasty. the television show is a massive hit. will is a best selling book out about it it's all built around a company called duck manor that makes hunting stuff. only in america could this happen. we talked with the ceo, willie robertson. so duck die nasty. first year you did all right. third year, you're beating the factor.nasty. first year you did all right. third year, you're beating the factor. >> you're supposed to be working. >> what happened that exploded the show? >> people like ducks, i guess. >> no, it's more than ducks. >> we're taking a break because it's raining. >> we're inside, you idiot.
8:51 pm
>> i really think it's the family values. it's something positive. kids can sit and watch. grandparents. not a lot of filth on it. and it's funny. >> you guys are characters, that's for sure. >> now we're getting shr. about to pull this truck all the way across louisiana. >> there has to be something more to it. what is that? >> we're brothers, sister, mom and dad. you see all of us together, so all the bickering and fighting, which is always playful, people can see themselves in that, they can see the brothers. >> they identify with you. >> right. what if we all worked together, what if we had a crazy uncle. >> but you know what i'm worried about, that the whole country will look like zz top. >> that would be awesome. ♪ >> it would be awesome. >> we're just 100 years off.
8:52 pm
in 1850, this was in. >> and life expectancy was 12. everybody guide. >> but the beards were awesome. >> now, how do you think i would look in this kind of -- >> i don't know. i can see it. >> yeah? >> the factor dynasty? but you do this consciously to look this way. what's that message about? >> well, i think my father had a lot of anti-establishment in him. he came through the '60s. >> what can i say? for all the young youths of america, here is a news flash. stare at the ground and shut up. >> whenever he lived on the river and said i'm going to be a duck call, he thought no more cutting my hair -- >> you could be a hell's angel. >> i'm trying to change that image. we're trying to make it more positive and friendly. >> so your dad is an amazing story by the way. he beat out terry bradshaw as quarterback of the louisiana
8:53 pm
tech, started the duck dynasty which is basically you lure ducks to you so you can kill them. >> yeah, duck calls. to eat them. >> blow them out of the sky. anyway, he starts this and then the whole family gets involved and now you guys are all rich, but you don't act rich. >> well, i guess rich people act differently. we can buy better things, but we're not all about money. >> no, you're not. we ran into willie at d.c. -- >> yeah, at the baseball game. >> at the nats game. and you are rich but you don't act rich. >> we try to stick to our roots. we grew up very poor. so for us, we can remember what it was like. and so we try to stay humble and lord willing, we're doing it and we've been successful. god has blessed us. >> and you you for incorporate god in the show. >> oh, yeah. we have a family prayer right at
8:54 pm
the end. >> amen. >> bothered you yet on that? >> no, nobody has. >> you guys are big factor viewers, right? >> i watch my factor. that's how i work on my debate skills. wife doesn't always like it. because i tell her let's go, you know. >> i tell him i'm not debating owe rhy'reilly here. well, continued success. in a moment, presley, jack so that, hendrix, whitney houston. why do these and many who are self destruct? the drugs were are more important than her career, her self-esteem, whatever? >> clearly. sfwl we'll talk to a girks one of the most you powerful men in the music industry about that as the factor continues all across the usa and all around the world. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications,
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one of most powerful men in the pop music industry, clive davis. he was very close to wlit ifhit houston who pretty much destroyed herself with drugs. she was a close friend of yours in addition to being a client. >> that's true. >> what was the genesis of her problem, where did that problem begin? >> i don't know when the problem began. i do know that when i discovered her when she was 19, she was full of energy and wonderful spirit. she loved music. she was a workhorse. ♪ i believe the children are our future teach athem well and let them lead the way ♪ >> she went everywhere for the first two albums. and just loved it. >> and she was clean back then, right? >> oh, she had to be, of course. >> so she wasn't troubled, it wasn't like you were bringing a
8:58 pm
juvenile delinquent or something. she was a woman who had a talent. >> no question. p. >> and then she evolves into a worldwide superstar. ♪ i want to dance with somebody ♪ >> and then desecends into the world of drugs. >> i did meet with her at my home. i saw her a year later at the michael jackson cop certificate where she had become skeletal. so i did confront her. she was in denial. >> she lied to you. she knows she's taking cocaine. probably ashamed or whatever. and doesn't admit it. so you say, hey, look, you're taking what god gave you, which is an amazing gift, and you're throwing it away. >> yeah. >> what does she say back? >> when i first confronted her, she said it's not a serious
8:59 pm
problem. you're making more of it. >> you're making more of it. >> i am making more of it. >> so she wouldn't admit it. then where she is a skeleton and you're seeing her career is going down the drain, what does she say then? >> she was not ready to do something about it. >> so the drugs were more important than her career, her self-esteem, whatever. >> clearly. >> janis joplin is another one you discovered. >> i didn't know her as well. >> but the history of the rock pop world is littered with the corpses of people sticking needles in their arm or powder up their nose. whitney houston had to know that. >> it's one thing to be logical. it's another thing whether it's a parent, a close friend, you know that the subject has sunk to that level to want to get better. >> the book is the sound track of my life.
9:00 pm
congratulations. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor. please remember the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. welcome to our "the kelly file" special. i'm megyn kelly live from the world headquarters of fox news in new york city. tonight, a look back at 2013 and where we stand today. from the disastrous roll out of the president's signature health care law to political fallout from his broken promise. >> if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> we'll look at whether obamacare and the white house can recover. plus, on a sunny afternoon in april -- [ explosion ] -- two


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